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photoshoot session 12/12/09

Sunday, December 13, 2009 | |

1. i'm glad that we've stopped even though the place looks a bit like "wrong turn" (like shirley said..haha)
2. i'm super happy that i got the kind of shots that i've been working on for ages
3. eventhough there's a stupid mistake that i've made, but still, i'm super happy! thank you God!
4. more on my flickr (click on the images, it'll take you to it hihi)



eutjin said...

nice shots! love the backlighting, especially in pic no. 2 and 3...good job

KhairulAqmal said...

gosh. cantek

Jia Shin said...

love the flare!! where's this place btw??

stfuamie said...

eutjin & aqmal: thanks! (^^)v
jia shin: its at miri hehe

jfook said...

Nice shots...

stfuamie said...

jfook: thank you :)

fininfinty said...

aku mok juak.. kelak aku balit kita g shooting k?

stfuamie said...

fini: oraits :)