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so i said my farewell

Thursday, December 10, 2009 | |

to the other side and say hello to this one. made (another) new online portfolio as well last night (you can see it here) which i know i wont be updating much, just like my deviantart, flickr, redbubble, etc. lol oh well, will try to update as much as i can from now on (quit being a lazy bum amie!).

yeah, and so..will be handling two blogs from now on, in charge on updating the other one (i guess); aint complaining as i have nothing to do anyway. haha

man, its 2:09AM already, gotta go to sleep. tomorrow i need to design back my brother's design (eh?) in photoshop. i dont want my parents to nag me again about being so lazy as i delayed the other two designs that my brother asked me to do (only completed to do that yesterday *grin*)

till then, see you on the next entry