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so, Singapore March 7th huh?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009 | |


I have been a Parawhore for ages! No, not since Riot and their superfamous Misery Business, not since Twilight either (I have to admit, Decode is an awesome, awesome song). I have been their fan since their first album 'All We Know is Falling' till 'brand new eyes'.

I remember I woke that morning as usual, checking my tweets through my phone, and my eyes glued to this one tweet: Paramore - Singapore! I immediately retweet it (as a reaction of super stoked and super shocked) and checked their official website for confirmation. At that time, they didnt have the date yet, so I was like, 'okay, maybe Singapore is not confirm yet'. But then, the next next next day, read another tweet (or some website, I dont remember), it is confirmed already! 7th March, Singapore Stadium! Man, that is soooo close to Malaysia! I'd like to think that they will stop by here, but I dont wanna regret later for not going there. I bet hundred (or maybe thousand) of Malaysian fans think the same. Singapore or wait for them to come here? There's even a group called Malaysia Wants Paramore...please on Facebook. I kid you not! lol Look how crazy we are when we get the news! I even tweet Digi, you know, just to let them know how bad we want Paramore to come to Malaysia. haha

I hope they'd stop by. I really hope they'd stop by! So, please Paramore, COME TO MALAYSIA! WE WANT YOU!

(p/s: this is not some contest entry to bring Paramore to Malaysia. lol)


fininfinty said...

I'm so coming.. to teman u and bobby.. while u guys sibuk layan paramore, i go shopping, can? jom tongtong hotel.. weeee

wantuutri said...


atleast ill save some money by not going to singapore if Paramore comes here.

but kalau tak pon,im going to singaporeeeeeeeeeeeee~!