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Wednesday, February 3, 2010 | |

sorry, i have deleted (save as draft actually hehe) the last post because of reasons that i cant tell you. well, actually i dont know how to explain. oh well, ignore that.

i've been very busy last, last week. studying for my table test (thats what they called it), editing the custom album and shooting the pre and post wedding of my friend.
last friday me and my friends shot my other friend pre-wedding photos. it was fun although im a little bit disappointed because the available light wasnt helping me that day, but i thank God for giving me that little light, at least i still get my shots. hehe then almost around 7pm we went to the bride's house to shoot their hantaran and pelamin. after that went to kfc for dinner then got home around 10pm, take a shower and study up until 2am for the test. passing marks - 42, and i got 43. hahaha well, good job for myself. and at that night, i continued my works on editing. the custom album is finally done, but he hasnt proceed it yet. so i still dont know whether he approves it or not. lol

thats pretty much my life so far. its going good, i guess. got another wedding job last week, alhamdulillah. eventhough im not really into wedding photography before, i think im starting to love it now. i watched jeff ascough video on wedding photography earlier and it makes me wanting to do more of this. i wanna be like him. he's my current inspiration. i love how he puts the element of photojournalism and a little bit of fine art on wedding, and whats more, how he shoots wedding with films. that my friends, deserve a respect (he uses digital too, he's a canon ambassador). no wonder he's one of the best wedding photographers in the world.

*i was out watching glee earlier, and now im lost. hahaha anyway, for those of you who are getting married soon, congratulations! ;)
**my work (the custom album) has been approved! yay!

(photographed by; faizul edited; me)


Bobby Nuurri said...

bagus bebeh.
ambik gambar kawen banyak2. kalo aku mok kawen kelak.
special price ada? wakakaka!

stfuamie said...

hahaha blh2..tidak ada mslh itu ;p