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the light is ridiculously beautiful!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010 | |

i love today's test shoot. will definitely do the "real" photoshoot soon. hihi as usual, shirley is our 'victim' - she's the full time model for us. lol the place was awesome, but i gotta tell you, the ants, man, they're super crazy! crawling and biting your legs like there's no tomorrow. i got red marks all over my legs already. geez! anyway, here's some of the photos;

btw, i just wanna share this with you. this is our first stop actually. the stairs near to the RTM thing. it looks like a superb shooting spot dari jauh, but dari dekat, it creeps me out, i dont know why. haha anyway, its just me. nothing wrong with this place actually, but if you know something that i dont know, please, dont tell me. lol

p/s: will update more on my portfolio (upper right), but do check it out *grins*


kenwooi said...

very nice =)

stfuamie said...

thanks! :D

peggy lisa said...


stfuamie said...

thanks peggeh!

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