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west coast friendship

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 | |

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been featured on deviantart. oh man, tho this might sounds nothing to you but it means gazillion to me (so cliche! haha) thank you thank you!

*jumps in joy*

p/s: again, the title is something i made up. well, its owl city's song actually. lol


taie anjing said...

cliche kannnnnnnnnnn. aku pun penah juak macam tok dolok tp kat myspace. bwaakakakaa terus suk gila babi. haihhh bodo sikit time ya hehe

Siau Hen said...

Stumble upon your website and check on your portfolio, your shootings are awesome!

stfuamie said...

peggy: hahaha yalah tek..excited mcm apa jak..wakaka
siau hen: thanks much hun! :D