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kickin' some asses and telefon rosak

Saturday, June 26, 2010 | |

I'm never a big fan of muay thai but always being bored myself to death lately, I've decided to join Shirley and her sis to watch the show? Whatever you call it. Haha so, being super excited about it since I've never watch muay thai live before, I ran to their car and totally forgot about the camera. Nice job Amie! Bwahaha I'm sorry no photos for you to see, but here's some video (with shitty quality, ehem) of the show? earlier.

I didn't know there'll be some sort of dance routine (?) before they fight which I find awesome but..somewhat boring. Hehe I'm just kidding. It's fun but sometimes they took so long to dance that it become boring at some point *grins*

And the err..whatever was ok. It was exciting at certain part but then slowly become boring then slowly become exciting again then boring again. Hahaha some err..fighter? or whatever you call them (I'm just too lazy to Google) were too afraid to kick or punch (or gloves slap haha) their opponent which made the boring sometimes.

Enjoy the shitty quality of the video. Hahaha this was between Thailand and I don't remember or don't know who because the mc was speaking Chinese most of the times. He kept saying 'ming bai ma?' which I feel like answering him, 'err..wo bu ming bai?' yes, with my broken Mandarin. Bwahaha but overall, I think it was worth my RM30 and I'm satisfied with my sit. Err..almost cause there was annoying kids in front and behind me. Lol

Before I end my post, have you ever heard the game of 'telefon rosak'? You know the one where your teacher/instructor asked you to read some text or they tell you some story then you need to tell others and the others need to pass them to the other others (hahaha) then the last person have to tell back the story to you? Well, you know what they said at the end of the game right? Never ever trust rumors (I summarize it as I don't know how to explain. Bwahaha). You can listen, but God gives you brain to interpret, to think carefully about it. Don't ever let those things get you, if you choose to believe 100% cause you know how crappy it makes you feel. By then, don't blame others for what you feel, as you've decided to believe it in the first place. Heh? Hahaha whatever, as long as you get what I'm trying to say.


'till then kids, be good. Don't let world bite your ass. HAHA once again :p

p/s: God is punishing me, you should be happy, you know? :)


cik kedondong said...

bf aku ske giler tgk muay thai.sbb die pon ade blaja..aku jarang nk tengok sbb xde motif..hahahaha..len kali kamera tampal kat dahi..snang sket. =p

stfuamie said...

hahahaha tu la psal. makin aku tgk makin sakit hati bila pk kenapala xbwk camera! hesshh! aku tgk pun mcm so-so jer..sbb xminat sgt kot..hehe