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#nowlistening to Rosi Golan - Think of Me

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 | |

taking a break from editing my cousin's wedding photos. decided to take photos of my cat. hahaha i've asked her to look at me and when she gave me this pose, i told her, "stay, stay" then compliment her with "good girl". it works, sometimes. lol when i asked her to pose again, she refused and then bite me -.-"

well, that's it for today. have a nice day y'all! ;p

(p/s: still learning doing the border thing for my pictures. hope this looks good :D)


Nono Fara said...

nang best lal flare masuk gambar.. and kejawak lalu jak pusak ya.. empuan ka amie?

stfuamie said...

hahaha mun ada mood maok nya posing, ya pun kejap jak tek maok kakya alu digigit nya..aok mpuan :D

Anonymous said...

camera apa u pakai?

stfuamie said...

hello anon, ai pakai Nikon D90 :)