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Thursday, July 29, 2010 | |

Finally, works for custom album is DONE! Weeehuu! The cd already been shipped and waiting to be print. I hope the album will turn out good later. I hope there would be no problem at all during printing. Eepp, super nervous about the album!

Now the album is done, I have the times to study for my exam on 10/08. Honestly, I am super scared about the exam. Trying my hardest to remember the basic things about photography and stuff. Wish me luck guys! I seriously need a job already! Lol anyway, here's some of the photos from the wedding. Click the images to go to my Flickr to see the rest. Comments and critics are very much appreciated! This noob need your opinions on the photos. Good or bad, just write it. In that way, it can help me to improve my..err, skills? Haha thanks in advance guys! Much much love from moi.

Idil & Ros_02
Idil & Ros_01
Idil & Ros_03