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well hello again un-updated blog

Friday, August 13, 2010 | |

been really busy with nothing lately. hahaha just got back from kuching the other day from my SPA exam. honestly, i don't think i did well for that. very much frustrated with myself *slap own face* lol hah, i don't wanna think about it anymore. if i get it, then that's good. if i don't, then i'll slap myself again. haha

push away all of the frustration. hiyarrrk!

at least i have fun during the exam. meeting new friends, meeting my seniors back then when i was in uitm, lol. it was fun. the people were nice. it was awesome. anyway, these are some of the photos that i shot during the exam. well, being a noob, i only shot 10, as they only asked 10 photos for each topic. gargghh, now i feel more frustrated! stupid me :(

(p/s: we have to submit raw files, i mean, non-edited photos to the examiners. these are the edited ones, obviously. lol)