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Photoshop Tutorial

Friday, September 24, 2010 | |

I don't really know what it called (haha) but anyway, here's the tutorial on how to do it: (oh, btw, click the image for larger version)

01. Open an image that you like, then double click the layer to unlock it.

02. Click 'create a new layer' on the Layer pallet and move the layer under the image layer. Click 'paint bucket tool' or simply press 'G' and fill the new layer with white color.

03. Then type anything that you like with any font that you like. Lol then drag the layer (the text layer) under the image layer, so it'll be in between the image and the white layer.

04. Right click the image layer and choose 'create clipping mask' and that's pretty much it. Double click the text layer to open up the 'layer style' and you can choose any style that you prefer.
(I don't remember where I found the tutorial about this but if you happen to know one, do let me know :)
I'll post more of the images (not created by me but you'll find a lot more of it in Tumblr. Haha)
The image that has been used for this tutorial.