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Paramore Live in KL 2010

Friday, October 22, 2010 | |

(photo by: xaezrizx)

Up until today, I still couldn't believe that I went to Paramore's show last Tuesday. It was my first concert ever and it was super awesome! Unforgettable night!

We arrived at the stadium around 4pm but there was already a long queue both at the rockzone and free seatings area. The gate opened around 6+pm and all went crazy. Telling them not to push is useless. Everybody was trying to get the front row. We then have to wait for another hour before the opening act, Y2K started. They were OK lah. I don't know who they are so I don't wanna comment lebih-lebih about them. Lol

Paramore started the show with Ignorance where the crowd at the rockzone started to jump, push, err..mosh? (don't ask me why they mosh at Paramore's concert. I'm a first timer. Haha). Can't sing due to terhimpit macam sardin dalam tin. Haha when they finally "cool down", I take off my glasses only to find out that it was..patah. RIP my cermin mata. Hahaha

(Hayley: "I can't believe this is our first time to Malaysia. By the way that this look, we should have been here a long time ago. Man, if only America could see this right now, sick!". Sorry I didn't record the whole song ;p)

The show overall I said earlier. I enjoyed singing and dancing like mad woman. Lol the only thing that bugs me is people who memandai nak label us at the rockzone as "rich kids, posers and not a true fan" and the "you should see the crowd of other countries at the show".
I don't wanna comment about the rich kids, posers and not a true fan thing cause those who said that are just plain..dickheads. And about the other countries crowd, well, ma'am, have you been there with the crowd or just watch it on Youtube? If you only watched them on Youtube then here's a middle finger for ya! Haha but just incase you would still labeled me as that, lemme clear things up for you. I'm not a rich kid. I happened to have a wedding job before the show even announced, so that's where I got my money to buy the ticket. I am not a poser or a "not true fan" but I don't need to prove how "true fan" I am to you. The show is not a competition anyway. Ah, membebel panjang pun aku tak dapat apa sebenarnya. Haha

Paramore, thank you for a great show. Please come again. Next time, this "rich kid" will let those who was at the free seatings the other day who was clearly deserved to be at the rockzone more than me, the "rich kid", be at the rockzone.


(p/s: do the check out the Flickr above. he shot amazing photos of Paramore from PS2 with 300mm lens yo! Hehe)


cik kedondong said...

seronoknye dapat gi..
biala orang nak kata ko apa pon..
janji ko pegi dpt rockzone..
and u have fun.
aku jwb call dgn system problem..

stfuamie said...

haha geramla cik..sesuka hati jer nak ckp org..nmpk sgt jeles xdpt rockzone! lol

cik kedondong said...

ala..true fan la sanggup berabis duit and bli tiket awl2..