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let's just fall in love again

Sunday, November 28, 2010 | |

that's my current favorite song by jason castro. hahaha sorry for the lack of updates.

anyway, got the chance to go searching for new locations for photoshoot today. searched every beach, hutan (lol) etc when we found this one place. ran out of light but didn't gave up hope. hahaha we stayed until 5 something there.

i'm never a fan of using speedlight during outdoor shoot but today decided to give it a try and i kinda love the outcome. hmm..maybe i should use it more often after this. heh! here are some of the shots. (click the images to view on flickr)



the rest are still being edited. hahaha

till next update, here's a quote from digital photography school:

6. Always be a beginner
The moment you adopt the mindset that you’re the best at something (or even the best in your circle), that’s the moment you become unteachable.