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Dessert Master: Review

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 | |

Since everybody is doing this nowadays. Lol sorry i forgot to take pic of the cafe(?)

We were on a search quest for *something* the other day when we saw this..err, cafe? It's new in town (i guess) so we decided to give it a try (since we couldn't find the place that we've been looking for after hours of pusing-pusing. haha).

So the cafe(?) is called Dessert Master. Most of the menus are..ermm *trying to refresh memory* pastries (if tart, pancakes etc in that category, if not then, my bad ;p) + rojaks + cendols + specials + others. No soft drinks (this i'm sure) or any other drinks if i'm not mistaken, so you only have the choice of cendol/special (or bring your own drinks. haha kidding).

We ordered special (RM3) with additional ice cream (+RM1).

and 2 blueberry cheese tart, 1 oreo-something-something-tart and 1 egg tart. (RM 2 each except for the egg tart. Don't remember the price)

(sorry for the crappy quality. camera phone only ma ;p)

Not a fan of their special. Too many ais and tasted tawar too. At least the taste of the ice cream saved it.

(i couldn't finished it :( what a waste. haha)

The tarts were..ok lah. Not bad at all. Still "eatable" if it's even a word. Lol

Would i recommend you this place? Yes (though i only ordered special and tarts, i actually like this place. p/s: heard their mango pancake is famous :D). It's a great place to hang out, just lepak minum-minum with your buddies ;)


Nono Fara said...

somewhere kat grand palace kan? ka nope? hehe

stfuamie said...

teett slh! hehe nok kat area grand palace ya dessert jak, tmpt mkn eskrem..tok kt area boulevard cya :D