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Thursday, December 9, 2010 | |


Meet my new baby. Her name is Hayley Williams, tho Miss Williams no longer has pink hair. Lol

I actually wanted a Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini Pro but then mom said Nokia is a better brand and the amoi backed her up with lots of other facts. Haha
I don't know much about this phone tho but I love that when you play the music player and you spin the phone, it'll automatically change to the next song which I think is super cool. And that when you wanted to check if there's any unread messages, you can hold the volume button (on the side of the phone) and shake it, and there'll be a 'ding' sound (haha) that will tell you how many messages that you have.
What I don't like about the phone is that you have to open the slide to make calls/receive calls and the fact that the speaker is at the bottom of the phone because when I put it in my pocket, I can't hear any calls or messages (I don't like to put my phone on vibrate mode, just fyi lol)

Other than that, I think it is an ok phone.

There you go, a quick intro on moi baby ;p
Till then, buhbye!


cik kedondong said...

ur phone is super duper cute..

stfuamie said...

tq! hehe ;p