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hey hey

Thursday, February 3, 2011 | |

hey guys, ssup? (haha lame, i know)

first of all, i wanna apologize to those who left comments on my chatbox. i'm sorry if i didn't respond to it but thank you for the blogwalking though!
(ok, ini ayat macam blog saya super famous saja. lol)

anyway, still trying to get myself on the right path at the moment. sorry for the lack of update.

before i end this post, anyone knows where i can print shirts with cheaper price and that can also print 1 one time? i have posted several designs on redbubble just for fun (it's not even a good design to be honest) and surprisingly, i received an email the other day saying that i've just made a sale! whaa..? lol so i wanted to print 1 shirt as a sample just to see how it looks like. and if it looks good maybe i can print them out and sell you guys? haha ;p

till next post,
(p/s: do email me regarding the printing-shirt-thing kay? looking forward to that ;)


Anonymous said...

The Green Scarf