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Dear John; Book & Movie Review, sort of :)

Sunday, April 25, 2010 | |

i dont know since when i have this sort of habit to read the book first then watch the movie. oh wait, yeah, i guess i know when. its started when i first read p/s: i love you. i told myself to read the book first then watch the movie, just to see which one is better. should've watch the movie first though coz in the end, the book always ended up way more better than the movie. haha

so, as usual, i read the book. i never read anything from nicholas sparks though, but im very much in love with the notebook (the movie of course). im pretty sure the book is hella awesome too. (please remind me to buy it yeah? lol) well, to be honest, i didnt really like dear john. didnt like the ending to be exact. i know, i know if every books have happy ending, it would be boring then but..erh, i dont know. i just thought that it would be nice if its end up the other way.

the movie? hmm..the first minute of it i already know that its totally different from the book. which made the percentage of the excitement dropped a little bit. so i end up didnt like the movie either. maybe i would love the movie if its follow exactly like the book but change the ending. haha theres some parts that made me cried tho. the part where john & his dad, and towards the ending where savannah said..oh wait, no, i wont give you the "spoiler alert". see the movie yourself. lol but you know what i love about the movie? the outtakes. hahaha

although the book & movie..well, they didnt sucks, just..emm..a little bit..emm..i dont know whats the word. haha well, they didnt sucks, maybe a little bit. maybe because they made the notebook so freaking beautiful & great that when they tried to make dear john just like that, they failed. i dont know. lets just hope the last song would be at least better than dear john. *grin*
(p/s: the soundtrack is nice though. didnt know that amanda seyfried can sing. little house def my fav ;)
(p/s/s: channing tatum made me smiles like an idiot. man, he's so fiiiiinnneee! dayyyyuummm! ;p)