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you honestly think its real? i think you may be an idiot

Monday, April 26, 2010 | |

just watched Paranormal Entity (PE) earlier. i've read that anything that was made by The Asylum were bad. i dont know. havent watch other movies by them. but i would say that PE isnt that bad after all.
if you've watched Paranormal Activity (PA), PE is almost similar like that (well, of course it except that its about the Finley's family (mom: Ellen, son: Thomas and daughter: Samantha). if you wanna know more about this movie, just googled it. haha at this point, i dont know which one is better. i mean, i like PA, it does somehow scared me but some or maybe most part of the movie just bored me. as for PE, it also scared me but bored me at the same time. lol but at least in PE, like someone who commented the trailer on Youtube said and i quote: "PE isn't quite as creepy but it is more entertaining, more colorful, with more of a story." yep. what he/she said. hehe

off topic. i was reading the comments on Youtube and its funny how this dude (or girl) thought that the movie is real. hahaha man, i love reading comments on Youtube. if you're feeling super stress i suggest you Youtube some funny videos then read the comments. you would be laughing out loud. trust me! haha

anyway, back to PE. who sleeps with only bra & panties when you know that theres some pervert demon who would harass you while you sleep? samantha you're super genius! lol ;p