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The not-really-a-review on Olympus E-PL1

Wednesday, May 19, 2010 | |

NOTE: I will not discuss on the specs or compare it with other point and shoot camera because I seriously don't know. You have to do research on your own as I only write based on my 1 week (sort of) experience using the camera. Ok? :)

Well, first thing first, I know nothing about Olympus E-PL1. My brother did all of the researches as he is the one who wanted the camera. Of course his first choice (and everybody else haha) is Panasonic GF-1 which again I don't know anything about it.
The thing that I like about this camera is of course the obviously awesome Art Filter. It comes with six different effects - Gentle Sepia, Pop Art, Soft Focus, Pinhole, Diorama and Grainy Film. So far, I'm loving the Pinhole effect but I think it enhances the color too much that you have to edit it a little bit on Photoshop. Without the Art Filter, the images are superb too, so, no worries about that. The video mode, what more can I tell you about it? You can record HD quality movies with this baby! You gotta love the Diorama effect on the video (yup, you can use the Art Filter on video too) as it creates the timelapse mode to it.
But, the downside thing about this camera is when you use Art Filter, it tends to slow the camera down. I don't know whether its because of the speed class of our memory card or what but when you put on other modes, you won't have any problem with it. The other thing that I noticed is the focusing system. At first I thought that it only happen when you use the iAuto mode. But then, it does the same with other modes. The focus is all over the places and its really hard to focus on your subject. Manual focus doesn't help that much either. Maybe I need to read the manual again haha. That's the only problem that I noticed about the camera. Other than that, it works fine for me. Wether the camera is worth your money or not, my brother keep saying, "Sik rugi beli camera tok" - which pretty much mean, yes, it's worth your money! Haha

The price: RM2499 with 14-22mm lens and the usual (free bag, MMC and tripod) or RM3000+ with 14-22mm lens + another lens (I don't remember what lens) + adapter. I don't know what adapter but I'm pretty sure its the ermm..lens/body adapter(?) so you can attached you other lens to the camera.

(p/s: there are some photos and video using this camera on my Flickr. Do ch-ch-ch-check it out!)