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what do, what do I wanna do?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010 | |

I've cleaned my room again today. Yay! If only I could wake up early in the morning I would have done lotsa thing today. Lol yes, I fail miserably at waking up early *sigh*

So this is the new..err..arrangement? of my room that I've told you in previous post. This is the boring wall that I've been talking about.

The side of my, bookshelf. Woosah! Poor instax. I need to buy more films so I can use it again.

I don't know where are the rest of my True Singapore Ghost Stories books. Now I have to re-buy it again and spook myself in the middle of the night. Ok, maybe the stories aren't that spooky but hey, at least I have something to read. Haha

I'll update you again on the wall, once I've started decorating it. Heh. Till then, bubbye!


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Nono Fara said...

Kemas OK! kmk serabutttt

stfuamie said...

haha tok pun baruk pas kemas marek & hrtok ;p