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4 simple goals and Polaroid wall

Monday, August 23, 2010 | |

I was Google-ing about polaroid wall earlier today when I stumble upon this blog. Now, I'm not a big fan of making resolutions/goals (maybe that's why I am so lost) but this post just made me wanna have one (or four ;p).
And my friends, here are my 4 Simple Goals:

01. Wake up early and eat breakfast

Being jobless means waking up at noon. Haha that's me though and that automatically no breakfast for me. Mom said breakfast is the most important meal so I'll try to do this from now on. Fuhh..wish me luck! Haha

02. Clean my room everyday
I'm a lazy-bum. I admit that. I only clean my room once/twice a month (yes, that's how lazy I am). That is not a good thing as I have a cat and she sleeps in my room/with me sometimes. So, from now on, I want to clean my room everyday. Oh, I did cleaned my room today and re-arrange the bookshelf, throw away boxes and cleaned the table fan etc. Even though my room is very small, when I did all of that, it feels more...spacious (is that a correct word? Hehe) now. I'll post the photo tomorrow.

03. Decorate my wall
I've always wanted to decorate my wall. The purple wall looks so boring. I wanted to do the polaroid wall but..we'll see :)

04. Write, draw, design or take photos more often
Although I'm not a pro at any of these but I love it. I should just do these more often. 'Nuff said ;p

* * * * * *

Just in case you wanna know what polaroid wall I'm talking about, I wanted to do something like this:


Anonymous said...

where do you got these iron crackets?

Anonymous said...

where do you got this iron crackets?