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Monday, November 1, 2010 | |

(title: yael naim - far far)

so these lighter days can soon begin

i secretly have one favorite lecturer back then. he's not like other lecturers, you see. he's a very serious guy, rarely smiles and to be honest, i am scared of him. well, i guess, most of the us were scared of him. during my final year, nobody dared to choose him as supervisor for our thesis. except for me, and my two friends.

but still he is my favorite one.

you know why,

i loved how i actually learnt new things from his ridiculous projects.
i remembered the first project (that i love) that he gave us. the first time we learn how to shoot using film cameras. the day when he taught us how to shoot panoramic (and many others, i forgot. tua already =.="), learning new editing skills (those super famous dave hill-ish thing before). and how to print our very own photobook.

sometimes, when been given new projects, we would like, "oh God noooooo!" but i secretly love it. haha i remember talking to one of our junior about the project he gave them. they were like, "ko tengokla gila tak gila" something like that.

they had to shoot out of focus images. it was actually an interesting thing. but i was busy focusing on other things that time so i didn't get the chance to do a sort of research about it. up until few months after the graduation [and now] (yes, i still remember that project. i don't know why lol)
but.....i don't remember the name of the photographer who shot this out of focus photography. i only remember the photographer is a she. (p/s: if you happen to know who, please let me know. i think my head is going to explode, due to trying so hard to remember who. and Google doesn't help. haha)

so, anyway, what i'm trying to tell you is (HAHA) i tried to shoot that before but it turned out..boring. and tried again earlier today. and i get the image above. i don't know if it's a good one. but i'll try to shoot more again (don't know when. haha) shooting out of focus images is really hard! no wonder my friends were like, "gila, gila" already. lol

if you have shot out of focus photos before, please do share with me. i'll feature you in the next post!

articles about out-of-focus photos. here and here.