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like a G6

Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | |

ignore the title. it's my favorite song at the moment. hahaha

anyway, thank you for those who has been asking about the tone that i used on flickr. here's some details about the tone.

it is actually a very yellowish color which sometimes won't work on some images. to get the
different color, you just need to adjust the color balance. that's it. i.e: to get like those vintage-ish
color, you'll need to adjust on the blue section (add to more +) on midtones and shadows and edit on curves or levels.
to lessen the yellow color (if you think it's too yellow for your image), play with cyan and magenta (more to -) or you can add new layer, choose solid color from the create new fill or adjustment layer and pick any color you like to cover it up and play with the blending and opacity.
that's pretty much it, i guess. you'll figure out more when doing the editing later ;p

here's some examples of the tone:
(true color of the tone. no tweak. fresh from the play button. lol)

(i personally love the tone on this photo. teeeheeee)

to be honest, i use this tone in almost every photo that i shoot. who can say no the play button on photoshop right? it makes our job easier haha

the other way that i love to use is probably solid color. it's like the..laziest way to add color to your photos. well, at least for me. lol solid color - blending - opacity - curves and/or levels.

(example photo using solid color)

hope this help you in editing. love to hear some feedbacks or ideas to share from you guys. those who wants the tone (the yellow color one) can email me at:

till then.
happy photoshopping! lol


Nyze The PumpkinBee said...

oh my...
love the pictures..
the tone colors seriously bring very good atmosphere.. love love love...

stfuamie said...

thanks nyze! :D