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Saturday, August 21, 2010 | |

Free sample again! Woohpie! This time from Hada Labo, a skin care product for the ladies.
(Last time I got 1 pair of Freshlook contact lens. *grins*)


They gave me Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion 9ml and Moisturizing Cream 3g. It says that the lotion instantly hydrates your skins and helps preserve its optimum moisture balance while the cream helps soften epidermis, leaving skin smooth and hydrates (taken from their website).


Well, I gave it a try earlier. It made my face a bit sticky and few hours later, can see yourself at my shiny nose. Hahaha maybe it's not suitable for my skin, I don't know but I'll finish the samples just to see if it's really good.

This is what we aim for. Haha kidding. I just love free samples. And yes, it was raining outside and I didn't realize there's mail in the mailbox.

Oh, oh, did I tell you I get myself a new tee? Not a big of a deal but...finally new shirt for me! Haha heessh, I should spent my money to buy girls stuff (or at least girls tops?) instead of tees tees, and more tees (oh and did I tell you I bought shirt [again] from Threadless? Still waiting for it to arrive though. Can't wait!)

Oklah. That's it for now.

Till then. Tata.